Text Box: Text Box: Sablefish(Anoplopoma fimbria)

Common Names:  Black Cod, Butterfish, Gindara

Farmed or Wild:  Wild Caught

Harvested:  Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska

                    Caught by Bottom Long lines

Season:  Harvest season opens in mid March and runs through mid November

Other Certifications:  Marine Stewardship Council

Since May 2006

Flavor Profile:  Exceptionally rich and buttery, Black Cod is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to Chilean Sea bass.  Black cod is rich in heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids.



Sablefish is also known as Black Cod, despite the fact that it is not part of the cod family.  It is harvest from the icy, pure waters of Alaska by bottom long lines and pots and is managed under the Individual Fishing Quota system.  With 95 percent of the catch exported to Japan it has become a high end, rare treat in restaurants in North America.

U.S. North Pacific Sablefish is a sustainable fishery certified to the Marine Stewardship Council standards