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In order to ensure that the fisheries and aquaculture we source are not overfished or leaving a large carbon footprint behind, we have set in place responsible standards for sourcing product.  We are constantly evaluating and updating new information as it becomes available from both Governmental and N.G.O. Sources.  This criterion is strictly followed by our purchasing department to insure that the consumer can not only feel good about what they are eating but also make an ecological difference by using these products.

Sustainable Criteria

-      Sources cannot be overfished.

-      The harvesting methods do not take part in the depletion of endangered or vulnerable species, damage the habitat, or generate waste (by catch).

-      Select mature fish to insure they have had the opportunity to reproduce.

-      Source local fish which will minimize the carbon footprint as less fuel will be used in catching and transporting the product.

-      Source from only well maintained and monitored fisheries .

-      Actively promote the full use of the fish carcass.

-      Monitor and have consistent dialogue with the fisheries that follow the criteria to insure all guidelines are constantly followed.

-      Use sustainably aqua cultured seafood to take the place and meet the continuing growth in consumer demand for depleted species.

-      No impact on critical habitat

-      Water, energy and feed management must be in place

In addition to following the above guidelines, Sustained Seas is also committed to ensuring the companies who harvest, process, and ship the product you receive follow these additional ethics:

-      Working conditions are safe and hygienic.

-      Child labor is not used.

-      No discrimination is practiced.

-      No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.

-      Employment is freely chosen.

Look for the Sustained Seas Logo to insure confidence that your seafood falls under all of the above guidelines.   Through the education in our program and responsibility, we will make a difference.