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Common Names:  Yellowtail Kingfish, Australian Kingfish, Ricciola

Farmed or Wild:  Farm Raised

Harvested:  Aqua cultured in marine sea cages in the Spencer Gulf Australia then hydraulic stun and gill bled.

Season: Available year round (higher fat content in the winter)

Other Certifications:  Pending

Flavor Profile: Hiramasa has a pale pink flesh with a sweet, rich flavor.  In the summer it is milder than the winter months but always clean and sweet.  The flesh is described as firm and broad flaked. 

Fed by the cold, saline rich waters of the Great Southern Ocean, the growing conditions of the Spencer Gulf are recognized for their pristine marine environment.

Hiramasa(Seriola Lalandi)

All aspects of the marine management from feeds, fish health and harvesting are recognized worlds best practice.  The flesh flavor and texture reflect these best management practices, the suitability of the fish for raw and cooked preparations are unrivalled.  The Natural feeds, minimal stocking densities and fish husbandry practices surpass the world’s best practice for sustainable aquaculture. 

Whole Fish Sizes

Winter: Premium 4.5-5.5 kg

               Ichiban 6-8kg


Summer: Premium 3.5-4.5 kg

                (pan sized 600-1000gm)