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Common Names:  Wicked Picked, Peekytoe,

Farmed or Wild:  Wild Caught

Harvested:  By-Catch of the lobster industry (Lobster Traps)

Season: Available year round

Other Certifications:  Pending

Flavor Profile: Maine crabmeat’s flavor comes from the pure, icy North Atlantic waters off the Maine Coast.  The cold, clean waters give the crab a sweet flavor unmatched by any other region. 

Jonah crab (Cancer borealis) is found from Nova Scotia to South Carolina.  Jonah crab live in both rocky and sand and clay environments.  The crabs are fished by a directed lobster fishery and is a by catch of the lobster industry. There are currently 2 developing species advisory boards in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Canadian studies indicate that on an average, 4.1-4.8kg are caught per trap haul and that landings have increased markedly since the late 1990’s.  It has been found that the potential  fishing efforts of the lobster fishery surpass the crab fishery.

Jonah Crab(Cancer borealis)