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Common Names:  Hard Clams, Steamers

Farmed or Wild:  Farm Raised

Harvested:  Grown in the high-salinity, ocean-flushed waters of Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Season:  Because these littleneck clams are an aqua cultured product, they are available year round.

Other Certifications: Pending

Flavor Profile:  Littlenecks are the smallest of the hard shell clams and arguable the most tender.  In addition to their immaculate taste, littleneck clams are extremely high in protein and low in carbohydrates.



Littleneck refers to the size of the most popular grade of clam. Numerous edible marine bivalve species live buried in sand or mud, and respire by means of siphons which reach to the surface.  In Aquaculture the species has revolutionized and in most instances, never touches the ocean or bay floor.  Raised in nets above the sandy bottom these clams are virtually sand free.  In addition to a higher quality product, adding more clams to the environment actually helps the integrity of the water because they are filter feeders.

Littleneck Clams(Mercenaria mercenaria)