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Common Names:  Eastern Oyster, Atlantic Oyster, Virginia Oyster

Farmed or Wild:  Farm Raised

Harvested:  Aqua cultured in float nets in the Chesapeake Bay.

Season: Available year round

Other Certifications:  Pending

Flavor Profile: Choptank Sweets are a robust, meaty oyster with a rich creamy texture.  They have a sweet buttery flavor with a crisp finish.  The moderate salinity of the Choptank ensures that the flavor is not overburdened with saltiness, thus allowing the more subtle, and complex natural flavors of the oyster to be detected.  The perfect oyster for any recipe that requires on the highest quality oysters in appearance, texture, and taste.

Choptank Sweets are grown away from the bottom in floats at the water’s surface so they are free from sand and grit.  Kept just below the surface there is an abundance of algae for the oysters to eat making them consistently plump and healthy.  Several times during their development they are pulled from their floats and sent through a tumbler that cleans and shapes the oysters.  This helps to knock off barnacles, mussels, and other fowling organisms and create the sought after deep cupped shape.  Each batch of oysters is power washed before being hand culled for size and appearance.  They are boxed, and placed directly into refrigeration, all within yards of the harvest site to ensure maximum freshness.

Choptank Sweet Oyster(Crassostrea Virginica)