Text Box: Text Box: Pintado(Pseudoplathystoma corruscans)

Common Names:  South African Catfish

Farmed/Wild: Farm Raised

Harvested:  Fresh Water in Brazil

                    GMO Free, Antibiotic Free, No Additives or Preservatives

Season:  Year Round

Other Certifications: Pending

Flavor Profile:  The Pintado has a very delicate, juicy, slightly orange colored fillet when upon preparing becomes white.  The prepared fillet presents a firm consistency, as well as a mild, pleasant taste.  The black and white patterned skin is not only attractive but can be eaten.


Pintado is a freshwater fish, native in the Pantanal and the Amazon basin.  These fish have a long, slender body, depressed head and tiger like stripes that run from top to bottom along their sides.  They exhibit the typical barbels of catfish and have no scales.  The production comes from spawning the parent fish sourced from natural reserves.  The young larva is trained to accept GMO-free feed filled with high levels of nutrients and are monitored daily for 9-10 months as they reach their production size.  All information of breading is documented by the breeder which helps insure the health and well being of the animal.  Once the fish reaches 3-4 lbs it is hand fished and shipped 9 miles from the farm to the processing facility.  Here the fish are desensitized in special ice water tanks and then processed and shipped in less than 30 minutes.