Text Box: Text Box: Sockeye Salmon(Oncorhynchus nerka)

Common Names:  Red Salmon, Blue Back Salmon, Kokanee (when in landlocked areas), Sake (sushi)

Farmed or Wild:  Wild Caught

Harvested:  Alaska

                    Caught by Nets (drift and set gillnets, purse seine), trolling and fish wheels

Season:  Harvest from mid May through July

Other Certifications:  Marine Stewardship Council

Sept 2007 and re-cert Nov. 2007

Flavor Profile:  Leaner and firmer than King but fattier than Silver, Sockeye Salmon offers full flavor and abundant vitamin D.

A sockeye can be as long as 33 inches and weigh 6 to 8 pounds.  It has an elongated, torpedo shaped body, with an adipose fin, and a bluntly pointed snout. The gill rakers located just behind the head are long and closely spaced. Its coloration changes as it migrates from saltwater to freshwater in preparation for spawning. In freshwater, its color is bright red with a pale green head; females may have green and yellow marks or stains. Its color in saltwater is bluish-green on top, silvery on the bottom, with uniform, shiny skin.  Out of the five certified species of salmon in Alaska, Sockeye salmon is harvested the most at 25 percent of the total salmon harvest.

Alaskan Salmon is a sustainable fishery certified to the Marine Stewardship Council standards