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Anadromous-  Fish that hatch in fresh water, migrate to saltwater to mature, and then return to fresh water to spawn.


Anterior-  Refers to the head end of a fish.


Aquaculture-  Finfish or shellfish raised in fresh or saltwater pens or ponds or on growing surfaces such as ropes or posts (also known as farm-raised).


Blast Freezing-  Freezing  by circulating cold air over batched product placed on trays or racks.

Benthic-  Species living near the bottom of the sea.


Bleeding-  Severing an artery of a fish before the fish dies to allow the heart to pump out the fish’s blood.  The result is higher quality meat.


Blocks-  Frozen compressed slabs of fish fillets, usually without skin and bone, used as raw material for value added products.


Boneless Fillet-  A fillet from which pin-bones have been removed.


Catcher Processor-  A vessel equipped to process and freeze its catch.


Counts-  Shellfish is sold by size and/or count, which are listed on the package or carton.  The size determines the number of seafood pieces per weight.  The size count is the most accurate measure of the amount and size of product being purchased.  Ex: 26/30 ct. shrimp implies that there are 26 to 30 shrimp per pound.

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