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Deep Skinned-  Removing the fat layer underneath the skin on oily species for milder flavor and improved shelf life; also called defatted. 


Dorsal-  The top of the fish.


Dressed-  Whole fish that have been gutted and scaled and generally have their fins removed.


Drip Loss-  The loss of weight in whole fish, fillets, or shellfish that occurs as the product gives up moisture.  Also, the moisture given up when a frozen product is thawed.


Dry Pack-  Scallops that are free of phosphates.  Also referred to as Dry Bag.


Ex-Vessel Price-  Price received by fisherman for fish, shellfish and other aquatic plants and animals landed at the dock (also referred to as grounds price or 1st receiver).


Farm-Raised-  Finfish or shellfish raised in fresh or saltwater pens or ponds or on growing surfaces such as ropes or posts (also known as aquaculture).


FAS-  Product that has been Frozen at Sea.


Fillet; Fillet Portion-  The edible portion of a fish that is cut away from the backbone on each side of the body; a portion cut from a fillet.


Fletch-  A fillet cut from large flatfish, such as halibut, and then further divided into boneless portions.


Formed Fillets-  Portions cut from blocks in such a way that they appear to be natural fillets although all are exactly the same size and shape.



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