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Gillnet-  Involves laying a net wall in the water in the path of the fish; the fish swim into the mesh and their gills become trapped in the webbing, preventing escape.


Glazed-  Indicates the fish has been dipped in water after freezing.  Ice forms a glaze surface around the body of the fish or meat, protecting it from damage to freezer burn.


H&G-  Fish that has been headed and gutted.


HACCP-  (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) The basis of voluntary seafood inspection program overseen jointly by the National Marine Fisheries Service and the Food and Drug Administration.  HACCP requires suppliers to write up and follow a program detailing all points in their manufacturing process where hazards exist.


Hook & Line-  Fishery methods that employ the use of hooks and lines including long line and troll, among others.


IQF-  Individually Quick Frozen indicates the individual forms have been frozen separately.  This prevents the forms from sticking together and facilitates use.



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