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J-Cut-  A method of removing pinbones and nape to produce a “table-ready” product.  J-Cut fillets are the premium trimmed fillets.


Layer Pack-  Frozen fillets packed in layers separated by sheets of plastic; fillets in each layer may overlap and be frozen together.


Loin-  The central thick part of a fish fillet.  The term also refers to a boneless section of a large fish such as halibut.  Loins may be cut to steaks.


Longline-  Longline gear is composed of groundline, buoy lines, gangions, which are short pieces of line with hooks on the end.  Longlines are set along the seabed, with baited hooks every few yards.  Longline hooks are retrieved one at a time.  The only legal fishing method for halibut is longline. 



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