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PBO-  Pin Bone Out


Pelagic-  Species living in the sea.


Pinbones-  A strip of small bones found along the midline of many fillets; can be removed with “V” or “J” cuts or may be pulled by hand or machine.


Portion-  Usually a square or rectangular piece of fish with varying weights.  Can be plain or breaded, raw or precooked.


Pots-  A method of fishing for crab, shrimp, and certain finfish using baited wire traps called pots.


Previously Frozen-  Frozen seafood that has been slacked out, or thawed, for sale in that state.


Purse Seine-  A net that is set in a circle around a school of fish, and then is drawn closed (“pursed”).


Refreshed-  Also called “previously frozen.”  Seafood that has been frozen and then slacked out.


Round-  Denotes whole, un-gutted fish with head and tail attached.


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