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Scored-  A series of cuts in the sides of the shell of the crab legs and claws, for ease of removing from the shell.


Shatterpack-  A box of frozen fillets in which the layers are separated by sheets of paper or plastic.  Individual fillets can be removed without thawing the entire box.  The name derives from the fact that the pack can be “shattered” by dropping it on a hard surface to separate the frozen fillets.

Silver-Brite-  A term referring to keta salmon that have been harvested at sea rather than in fresh water. 


Slacked out-  Previously frozen seafood that has been thawed.


Snap n’ Eats-  Crab legs that have been cooked, frozen, and scored through the shell so they can be hand cracked for easy eating.


Trawl-  Fishing gear made up of a funnel-shaped net towed through the water, its mouth kept open by two doors set at an angle to the direction of the vessel.


Troll-  Trollers are small fishing vessels operated by one or two fisherman and use a number of lines and hooks baited with herring or artificial lures.  Fish are caught one at a time, and handled individually. 


Twice Frozen-  Seafood that was frozen soon after harvest, later thawed and processed further, and then refrozen.

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