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Traceability refers to the completeness of the information about every step in a process chain.



Traceability can be achieved by having a system for keeping track of products as they are received, processed, labeled, and shipped.  Include these elements in your traceability system:

Incoming-  Knowing (proving) where the incoming materials come from.

Separation-  Keeping batches or lots of products separate (in space and/or in time).

Outgoing-  Packaging product separately as appropriate for batches and lots.

Labels-  All incoming products should bear requisite information.  All outgoing products should bear requisite information.

Records-  Good record keeping of each step in the process (receiving, storing, manufacturing, and shipping).

Traceability is the backbone of sustainability.  If you can tell me exactly what boat caught the fish I am eating tonight, I can tell you if it is sustainable or not.

In addition, a third party is strongly recommended to achieve sustainability.  The Marine Stewardship Council is an excellent organization with a great reputation.  Contact us to get further information.